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1900's  Electrical Perm Machines
   If you do a short study of fashion, you will find hats were very popular during the same period that they were using those machines to perm hair.  We have our suspicions that permed hair that was fuzzy, dry, broken off, and extremely damaged, may have had a great influence on the wearing of hats at this time.

1930's  The Advent of The Cold Wave.
   The first popular chemical wave.  Often referred to as the "over night cold wave" because clients had to wear rollers home for 6 to 8 hours.

1940's  Cold Waves Based On Thioglycolates.  With this technology, perming was done in a shorter period of time, because they used neutralizers (Hydrogen Peroxide) to rebond the hair in 5 minutes.  They still faced the problems of harsh and damaged hair.

1970's  Acid Wave Perms.  This perm with its lower Ph helped to keep the hair in better condition, but, it also had its problems with not talking or not holding.
At this time there are hundreds of perm solutions on the market, cold waves, heat waves, self timing, acid waves just to name a few.  More and more are recommending the use of an air oxidation period before neutralizing.

Image Perms- Recommends an air oxidation period before neutralizing.

Permanently Yours began doing air oxidation perms in 1983.  In the beginning we found it quite difficult to convince clients they must go home in the rollers because it was much better for their hair.  By 1985 it was becoming easier, because our clients were telling all their friends and family.  As of 1992 we expanded our salon 4 times and were doing about 4,000 air perms a year.  We believe the ultimate test of truth is results and for what people are paying for their perms today they want guaranteed results.  At this time there are several other salons trying the air oxidation method.  Some are successful and others through lack of knowledge, use procedures that restrict them from attaining the best results possible.

Benefits to an Air Perm:
1) Longer lasting curls
2) Can rebuild damaged hair from previous perms
3) Swimmers with chlorine in their hair can have perms
4) Better curl definition from scalp to ends
5) Children under the age of 10 to 12 have problems with perms holding - not with an air perm
6) Pregnant women have problems with perms holding- not with an air perm 

Is An Air Perm For Everyone? Some people have no problems with perms, but, for those who do have problems with their perms we have found air perms will produce quality and consistency for them.

Why is an Air Perm Better? Nothing can compare to what nature does best and it doesn't matter what product you use, if you allow time for the bonds in the hair to come back naturally, you will have a superior perm.

Jheri Redding - "Those who are willing to go through the discomfort will have the most beautiful perm possible".

Tressa Advanced Chemistry Book- Calls this process "Triple Bonding" action the longer the perm air oxidizes the more stable the perm will be.

Paul Mitchell XO Perm Recommends "Air Oxidation period before Neutralizing"

Redkin Hair Science And Beauty Book-
"Oxygen has the ability to rejoin the broken bonds in their new position, the hair has to dry naturally without heat for over 24 hrs."

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